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Wednesday, February 28, 2001

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Radeon Mac Edition PCI Review Posted
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For those of you that go directly to the news page or don't scroll down far enough on the IMG home page to see our revamped Hardware section, we though we'd mention that we just posted a review of the Radeon Mac Edition PCI. While this card was delayed numerous times and debuted with buggy drivers, ATI has since cleaned up their act and presented a stellar product. Here is an excerpt:

The ATI Radeon PCI debuts on the Mac platform in a curious position – one so unique that the only other card in a similar state was the Voodoo 1 when it was introduced on the Mac for the first time. Because of the recent demise of 3dfx (and the removal of their products from public sale and support), the Radeon PCI is literally the only high-end PCI gaming card on the market for Mac OS users, just as the Power3D was once the only gaming card for the Mac, period.

So who needs a PCI Radeon? Anyone with an AGP Mac will undoubtedly get the AGP version of the Radeon, after seeing the benchmarks in this article unless they are adding a second monitor. Those with a Rage 128 Pro or Voodoo3 card in a lower-speed G3 won’t see a outrageous boost in speed, because their games lag due to lack of CPU horsepower, not graphics card performance. However, they will see a tremendous increase in visual quality, as they will be able to play resolutions up to 1024x768 at very playable frame rates -- something a stock Rage 128 could never do.

Read the rest of the review for benchmarks and analysis.

Radeon Mac Edition PCI Review
Radeon AGP

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Archives  News  Radeon Mac Edition PCI Review Posted