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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

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IMG Reviews Bob Came In Pieces
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 1 comment

Inside Mac Games has posted a new review of Bob Came in Pieces from Ludosity Interactive. The game puts players in the role of Bob who must search a strange planet to rebuild his crashed ship. The game features physics based puzzles, a variety of parts and tools to find, and 14 chapters to solve.

Here's an excerpt from the review:

The game progresses in chapters with typewriter-like notes of Bob's thoughts on each loading screen. The goal of each level is to make it to the portal at the end while collecting as many parts as possible along the way. Naturally this starts out simple as you go through the tutorial levels, but later becomes more difficult as you progress. Some of the levels also feature a theme such as using a specific type of ship part to solve most of the puzzles, breaking objects, or moving items around.

You control your ship entirely with the arrow keys which is good at first, but leads to some control annoyances later on. You can also remap any ship thruster or beam to whatever key you want by landing on conveniently located ship pads. This is something you will have to do to solve some of the puzzles as you rearrange your ship in interesting, but often simple ways. The game's premise is built upon physics puzzles, and while they are interesting and fun you certainly won't be cracking your head to solve them either. Many involve pushing or pulling an object, burning a barrier in the way (by giving your ship an extended arm with a burner at the end, for example), or pulling around rocks and boxes to put weight on a certain spot or object so you can progress. Aside from puzzles there are pieces of Bob's ship scattered around levels for you to find. Some are obvious, and some are hidden, while others require getting through a tricky puzzle to obtain them.
Visit the link below to read the full article.

IMG Reviews Bob Came In Pieces
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Bob Came In Pieces
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