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Friday, October 23, 2009

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Machinarium Reviewed
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 2 comments

Rock, Paper, Shotgun has posted a review of Machinarium. The point and click adventure game follows the adventures of a robot who must find a way to save his girlfriend and his city from a group of villains known as the Black Cap Brotherhood. RPS recommended the game, describing it as "a delightful point and click adventure."

From the review:

Early stages play out as a series of scenes, each to be solved until you can access the next. But a third of the way through Machinarium blossoms out into a much larger world. Once in the city you have a hub area with many directions to head in, puzzles solved in one vital for progress in another. In many ways, itís a traditional point and click adventure.

And one of those traditions is quite how hard it can be. Success is about exploration and experimentation. The opening puzzle requires you to disguise yourself as a guard robot to gain access to the city. But first you must figure out that this is what the game wants you to do. As a long-time adventure game player itís an instinctive notion, and emulating a disguise from the surrounding objects has been the solution to dozens of gamesí puzzles over the years. But I wonder how instinctively painting a traffic cone and stealing a light bulb will come to those who didnít have such irrational logic etched into their brains as a child.

However, to ensure no one is stuck for long Machinarium offers two levels of hints. Most scenes will have a very simple clue available by clicking the bulb that appears in the top menu. A thought bubble will appear with a simple sketch indicating the key action that needs to be taken. If youíre still stuck after that, thereís a clue book that can be clicked on which will offer a detailed pictorial guide for what that location requires of you. However, to prevent lazy peeking, the book is itself a little arcade game. You must guide a key through a side scrolling hazardous route, dodging the rocks and firing at enemy spiders, until you reach a keyhole. Er, yes. Do this and the walkthrough is yours. Itís not difficult, but itís time consuming, and itís one of the best ways to put you off cheating Iíve seen. And I should add, some of the puzzles are brilliant. The butterfly wing/slide projector puzzle is a pleasure to solve, and many Ė like the popcorn/crowbar incident Ė are just so special.
For the rest of the review click on the link below.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun: Machinarium Review
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