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Friday, December 8, 2000

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Championship Manager, Theme Park Shipping
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The Feral Interactive web site has been updated with the news that both Championship Manager 00/01 and Sim Theme Park are now shipping, at least in the UK. CM 00/01 is the next season of this popular football (soccer) team management title, which features an astonishing amount of actual stats and teams sure to please any Euro fan of this sport.

Retailer MacGold Direct dropped us a note stating that they are shipping the title today, a week before retail outlets will receive the title. Drop by the MacGold online store if you've just got to have this one before the holidays.

For those new to the Championship Manager series, here is a summary of the 00/01 features:

Championship Manager takes management realism to a new level.. As manager you're subject to the same stresses and pleasures that a real-life 'gaffer' lives with - you've got to select the team, motivate the squad, and keep the board sweet - above all you have to win and keep on winning.

And now, at last in response to all the pleading requests from CM 99/00 addicts a Data Editor has been developed for the Mac version of CM 00/01. This means you are able to edit and control the data in the game. You can change and modify the stats used in the game, keep your teams squads up to date or even add yourself into the game! This is all a fancy way of saying that apart from keeping the database up-to-date with real-life, you can also CHEAT! Anyone fancy Ronaldo for 500,000?
The Data Editor is not included on the CM 00/01 CD, but will be available from the Feral and Sports Interactive websites as a free download. We are wary of putting up a date for when the Data Editor will be available (repeatedly bitten, very shy) but are aiming for the end of the Year.
New Features for Season 00/01

  • A database editor, which will for the first time allow mac users to play CM 00/01 on their own terms. The editor, allows you to change and modify the stats used in the game. Keep your teams squads up to date or even add yourself into the game.
    Please note that the database editor is not included on the CM 00/01 CD but instead will be available as a free download from the Feral and Sports Interactive websites. The aim is to have it ready for the end of December.
  • Twenty-six concurrent leagues will be playable.
  • Accurate profiles and histories for over 50,000 players, managers, and coaches, collated by a dedicated army of football fans from every corner of the globe.
  • For the ultimate challenge you can now play the game using randomised fictional players.
  • A full interactive transfer system featuring all the elements of modern day negotiations.
  • Full international simulation featuring all the major tournaments plus B-team and U-21 management opportunities. Now includes the Olympic Games U23 tournament.
  • Local and National media involvement, you can now read and reply to media stories about the clubs and players and events in the game.
  • Sounds like nirvana for soccer fans everywhere. There is also a demo of the game available; be sure to grab it from

    Feral also notes that they will be releasing a demo for Sim Theme Park this Sunday, December 10th. For more details on this exciting release from Feral and Aspyr Media, be sure and read our preview posted earlier today.

    Sim Theme Park Preview
    MacGold Direct Ltd.
    Championship Manager 00/01 Demo (12.9 MB)
    Feral Interactive
    Feral Interactive
    Bullfrog Productions
    Sim Theme Park

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