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Monday, November 27, 2000

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Mac GLHexen 2 Released
9:10 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

A recent update at pOx's Play House has announced the release of Mac GLHexen 2, in demo and full app form. As we reported last week, Westlake's Brad Oliver has teamed up with Frank "pOx" Condello to port this game from the source code, which was recently released by Raven Software.

There are three versions of the game available. The demo, which contains three levels, is about 14MB and will give you a good feel for the unique, RPG-like gameplay this 'non-shooter' has to offer. The retail version needs the data files from the PC game, which can be purchased at many retailers. Finally, the mission pack version needs the Portal of Praevus pack data files as well as the full retail version to play properly. Both of these can be found at the Activision store for $25 total, so it's not a bad buy (and you might even be able to find them cheaper at a local shop).

Like any good open-source project, the full source code is also available for those of you who dabble in the arcane arts. Hexen 2 was originally released in 1997 and is based on the Quake engine, so Oliver has used the Mac GLQuake project as his base for porting the game to the Mac. pOx himself notes he will be abandoning his branch of the Mac GLQuake source code in favor of this improved version Oliver has been working on. Here's the update:

As a result of Brad's involvement, I've scrapped the Mac Vanilla GLQuake project (mentioned two news items below) as it is now obsolete, and will soon be getting back to finishing the enhanced map compiling tools. I hope to have the updated v0.8 Quake system code rolled into the MacNehahra engine within the next two weeks. (Once some feedback is in from MacGLHexen2 / MacGLQuake0.8)
Testing on MacGLQuake will continue for at least a week, but you can expect to see that update available for download fairly soon. All of this is great news for the MacGLQuake, as it really breathes new life and energy into this project. Be sure to check out pOx's site for all the latest on MacGLQuake and the associated editing tools. The Hexen 2 demo looks really great for a Quake 1 title, and for those of us who might not yet have that dual G4 with a Voodoo5 installed, its low system requirements are an extra bonus.

IMG News: Mac Hexen 2 on its Way
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