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Friday, June 23, 2006
Cars: The Video Game Reviewed
7:19 AM | Anthony Wang | 21 comments

Gamezone has posted a review of Cars: The Video Game. Th e review praised the developers concept for the game by creating an explorable story mode with other activities, instead of solely relying on racing. Overall, the game received a 7.9 of 10 score.

Developed by THQ and based on the animated Pixar film, Cars: The Video Game takes you for a ride as Lightning McQueen on a quest to capture the Piston Cup championship.

Here's an excerpt from the review:

Now, the "GTA light" comment I made in the headline revolves around the way that the game is set up in story mode. The developers could have gone with a simple, drive around in multiple races aspect but instead gave the player a pretty open area to explore rather than just going from one thing to the other. If you're not in the mood to go and do the next mission, you can always go back and replay past missions, drive around and just talk to other inhabitants (some new ones not in the movie and some familiar faces) or collect various tokens for points which help you unlock new cars, upgrade current cars, or unlock a variety of extras including concept art or deleted scenes that they decided to leave out.
A demo of Cars: The Video Game can be downloaded from MacGameFiles.

GameZone - Cars: The Video Game Review
Cars: The Videogame
Buy Cars: The Videogame

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