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Thursday, December 1, 2005

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DropTeam Screenshots, HDR Info
7:53 AM | Cord Kruse | 6 comments and TBG Software recently released a new set of 58 screenshots for DropTeam, their upcoming real-time tactical Sci-Fi game focusing on mechanized combat in the far future. The screenshots show the advanced lighting and postprocessing effects used in the game, including High Dynamic Range rendering and full-scene glow. The use of these techniques allow for more realistic muzzle flashes, ion beams, and bright sunlight "glare".

DropTeam is a multiplayer capable, real-time, tactical simulation of armored ground combat in the far future. You’ll battle for control of objectives on a broad variety of planets ranging from verdant Earth-like worlds to desolate, radioactive wastelands. You will use Dropship to land fighting vehicles and other deployable assets like sensors, mines and automated turrets on planetary surfaces. You will take direct control of various types of armored fighting vehicles while also coordinating your team, including AI, other human players, artillery support and more. Vast, exotic landscapes rendered in real-time with detailed, accurate physics and ballistics systems and true line-of-sight provide realistic combat. There are no “hit points”, limited view distances, unrealistically short weapon ranges, or other gross simplifications that are typical of many other sci-fi games. DropTeam can be played online on a public server with up to 16 players, or it can be played privately with as few as 2 players, as well as single-player vs. AI opponents. AI opponents can also be mixed in with human players in order to make the teams any size you like.
High Dynamic Range rendering is an attempt to more realistically mimic the way the human eye deciphers brightness levels. Although current monitor technology is not capable of recreating the levels of brightness distinguishable by the human eye, HDR creates a close approximation using floating point operations, tone mapping, and light bloom effects.
For DropTeam, Pixel Shader 3.0 is not required for HDR to work. It runs even on low end NVidia 5200 cards and older Radeons (though it does hit performance on those older architectures, as ANY shaders do!)
DropTeam will be ship with Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux versions, all of which will be fully compatible. The game is expected to reach release sometime next year.

To check out the screenshots and learn more about the game follow the links below.

DropTeam Screenshots
DropTeam Overview

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