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Tuesday, August 3, 2004
New Mac-Only Game Engine 'Unity' Coming
7:58 AM | Jean-Luc Dinsdale | Comment on this story

Macintosh programming resource iDevGames has published an interview with Over The Edge Entertainment regarding their upcoming Unity game engine and design tool.

Unity is a set of game design applications created in order to compete against the high-end commercial game engines, like the Unreal or Quake game engines, without those package's high price tags. The game engine's fully-featured 'Indie' version will be released for under $300 USD, while a 'Pro' license, allowing for CD distribution, will cost developers $1000 USD. An extra grand will buy developers the PC modules, porting your Mac game to Windows code for you. Regardless of the engine license, all games created with the Unity engine will be royalty-free.

Comprising a full feature list, the game engine will contain all the game design elements required from modern game design packages, including a shader-based graphics engine, a flexible shader engine to match player's graphics cards, a keyframe animation system, a full-fledged dynamics system, C# scripting system, and 3D audio.

Over The Edge Entertainment expects to have the engine ready for licensing for early 2005. Game programmers and players interested in game development should read the iDevGames by clicking on the link below -

iDevGames Interviews Over The Edge Entertainment

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Archives  News  New Mac-Only Game Engine 'Unity' Coming