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Friday, June 25, 2004

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New World of Warcraft Trailer, Q&A
8:28 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

Yahoo Games has snagged a Blizzard representative to chat about World of Warcraft, the highly anticipated massively multiplayer RPG currently in beta for Mac and PC. Additionally, they got a new trailer of the game which shows off many of the game's player-controlled mounts, as well as traveling systems.

In the interview, team lead Mark Kern discusses how the beta is proceeding currently. Topics include upcoming beta content, his hopes for PvP play, and their plans for avoiding common mistakes of other games in this genre. Here's a clip:

GD: How do you propose to address the "mudflation" problem? [This is a common scenario in massively multiplayer games when oversupply of powerful items devalue too quickly. -Ed]

MK: We are currently in the middle of our big "economy-pass" on the gameplay. We've done several things already, such as making quest items and certain rare items bind to you when you acquire them. A bound item cannot be traded to other players, which helps keep the quest rewards meaningful while reducing inflation. Also, various money sinks are starting to become available in the beta. Mounts are very expensive, for example, and the mail system has some nominal postage attached to sending a letter or item to another player. Given how popular the mail system is becoming, those postage stamps will add up! As the beta progresses, we'll continue to refine the economy.

To read through the rest of the interview, or download the 51MB trailer, head over to the Yahoo Games site now.

World of Warcraft Interview with Mark Kern
Download World of Warcraft Trailer (51.6MB)
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World of Warcraft
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