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Tuesday, June 8, 2004
Aspyr Offers Money Saving Tips
8:45 AM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

With the number of Aspyr games coming out from the Austin, TX based publisher this summer, they've asked us to post a few of their light-hearted money saving tips, so you'll have enough coin around to buy all their hot new games.

We’ve got a number of exciting titles coming out this summer, and it wouldn’t be fair for us to make you choose one over the other. We don’t want you to have to strain your budget to continue to enjoy Mac games. Because we at Aspyr strive to please our customers, and your happiness is our number one priority, we have come up with a list of money-saving tips. So, look over these ideas, some may work for you, and some may not, but have a great summer! Happy gaming!

Easy Money-Saving Tips
• Shave your head. Haircuts, not to mention the cost of hair maintenance, can put a dent in any budget.

• Do your shopping at Lost and Found. Need a new umbrella? Head to a large public library. Looking for a hat or baseball cap? Go to an amusement park. Just make sure that you “lost” something basic and easy to describe, and chances are, a nearby Lost and Found is holding one for you.

• Lower water bills. Your neighbor has a garden hose, right?

• Before you fall asleep, turn off all lights and unplug all electronics, including the clocks. Why waste the energy while you’re sleeping?

• Do some street performing. Everybody has a special skill. Perfect yours, and put on a show at a popular intersection.

• Get all of your teeth pulled. This shares the same logic as shaving your head – no more dental visits/bills, no toothbrush, no toothpaste, etc.

• One word, two syllables- Ramen. 10 for a dollar? Are you kidding? You'll never need to eat meat again.

• When on a date, always, ALWAYS pull the old, "Honey, I brought the wrong card... again," bit. When this becomes transparent, rely heavily on making out rather than going out. Win-win situation for everyone involved.

• Remember "Garbage Pail Kids" cards? We certainly do. Sell them. Now. This is the only way they can help you in any way during your adult life. What are you still doing sitting at your computer? There's a fan boy out there right now salivating at the mere thought of "Up Chuck.” Go, do.

• Learn to skate. Remember Michael J. Fox in Back to the Future? He was able to scoot all over Hill Valley with a skateboard and some crafting rear bumper maneuvering. Hitch rides everywhere.

• Whatever else you may do, DO NOT have a child. Parents out there, you know what we're talking about. It's odd, but all the games will start going to them. Here's the clincher, though. YOU'RE STILL PAYING FOR THEM.

• We would never ask you to cancel a good, old-fashioned summer trip. We will, however, ask that you limit your choice of destinations. There are certainly parts of your town that you’ve never fully explored. Grab some camping gear and pitch a tent in the middle of downtown or in front of a popular tourist destination. Think of all of great vacation pictures and unique stories you’ll be able to come away with!

• Limit all US calls to local calls. Preferably, within carrier pigeon range. You don't have to feed them, really. They'll eat left over tire and we all know it.

• Somebody say more credit card debt?

• Attend wedding receptions. These festive goldmines are essentially poorly guarded swank buffets. And during the summer months, folks be getting married every weekend-who cares if you weren’t invited. Free entertainment, free food, and all you have to do is wear your Dockers.

• Get a valet job and drive other people’s cars to do your necessary errands, like selling plasma.

• E-bay everything you have not used in the last 5 days. If you have not touched it in 5 days, you don’t need it.

• Bottle some water. For some reason, people buy lots and lots of bottled water. Sell that and get rich.

• Sleep in every other day. You’d be surprised on how much money you’ll save if you are asleep all of the time.

A special thanks to Amity Lesko and the gang at Aspyr for all the wondeful games. Keep'em coming.

Aspyr Media

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