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Tuesday, June 8, 2004

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EQMac SOE Recap: Mac EQ Support Coming?
8:01 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

Better support, including a full-time programmer to address some lingering bugs, may soon be on the way for fans of the Mac version of the massively multiplayer online RPG Everquest.

As reported on Friday by IMG, the maintainer of the EQMac was able to attend a fansite conference over the weekend held by Sony. During this time, he was able to voice many concerns and suggestions regarding the Mac server.

In his write-up, "Khama" notes they are listening to the Mac fans of the game and want to help out with their current problems. Here's a clip from Khama's forum post about the conference:

Al'Kabor is not going away. John Smedley is committed to giving us the support we deserve. Currently SOE is in negotiations with a Macintosh developer in order to take care of the current bugs we are experiencing. Smedley is not ruling out releasing additional expansions as well. At least up to the new graphic engine release recently. The new graphic engine may pose some issues, not sure as of yet. Smedley will put together a statement for you all later this week, regarding this.

We discussed the possibility of having an Al'Kabor guide program. While most guides are required to stay off their play server, Smedley agreed that we are a special case, and he would work out the details so that we could facilitate such a program.

While it's not yet an official statement from Sony on the matter, this is definitely better news for Mac fans of the game, as it was recently reported that Sony not be willing to fix the current problems Mac Everquest fans face.

For much more on the entire conference, be sure to head over and check out the full article. Also stay tuned to IMG for any new word on support from Sony.

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