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Tuesday, June 1, 2004
Alien Swarm, Mac Launcher Released
9:49 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

Black Cat Games has recently released a total conversion for Unreal Tournament 2004. Titled Alien Swarm, this TC pits players against an army of bug-like aliens in a game of tactical squad-based combat. Utilizing an overhead view, Alien Swarm features missions with a variety of objectives, various weapons, and cooperative multiplayer.

Some of its other features are as follows:

  • 1-8 players co-operative play.
  • Single mission or Campaign mode.
  • Large array of equipment for your marines, including Assault rifles, Shotguns, SynTek SmartEye Autoguns, Flamethrowers, Pistols, Incendiary Mines, Flares, Stim Packs, Ammo Bags, Sentry Guns, Medkits and more!
  • Skill and experience system allowing your marines to improve as they progress through the campaign.
  • Full tutorial to teach you how to play and to use the equipment at your disposal.
  • 8 unique marines with portaits, personality, skills and background.
This TC has apparently received quite a bit of attention already, and Joe Wilcox of Epic Games has endorsed it as well. Interested Mac gamers should note that a Mac launcher is available for download as well as the main package.

Alien Swarm

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Archives  News  Alien Swarm, Mac Launcher Released