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Tuesday, May 11, 2004

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Warcraft III 1.15 Patch Released
7:47 AM | Mike Apps | Comment on this story

The latest patch for Blizzard's hit real-time strategy game, Warcraft III is now available. In addition to making the usual bug fixes and balance changes, it also adds a number of new features to both the game itself and the world editor.

Here are some of the new features:

# A new Neutral Hero, the Goblin Tinker, has been added to the game. For further information on this strange new Hero and a listing of his abilities, visit .
# The matchmaking system has been significantly updated. New accounts should more quickly begin playing against opponents of equivalent skill level.
# Clan ladders are now functional. Games against ranked players will now contribute to your clan's ranking on the ladder.
# Clan information is now displayed in your player profile, including your clan name, tag, ladder ranking, and more.
# Display of channel moderators has changed.
# Ladder information is now more clearly separated in your user profile.
# Free For All (FFA) games are now anonymous. Account names and player levels will no longer be displayed to other participants. Other players will be displayed as "Player X", where X is the number of the player in the game.
# Added an on/off button for the "Alt" formation toggle functionality to the Options --> Gameplay menu. The option is "On" by default.
# Added a "Worker Selection" button that appears beneath the construction progress indicator for Night Elf and Orc buildings. This allows Orc and Night Elf players to re-select workers that are currently constructing a building and give them additional way-pointed orders.
# Added the ability for users to double-click replay files (*.w3g files) from system directories. Doing so will automatically launch the game and load the appropriate replay.
# Buff and debuff icons (not including auras) now flash when their duration has 10 or fewer seconds remaining.
# Buff icons will display in the tooltip when a group-selected unit is highlighted in the info panel.
For more information, or to download the patch, follow the links below. Alternatively, you can download the patch by connecting to from within Warcraft III.

Warcraft III 1.15 Patch Released
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