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Wednesday, May 5, 2004

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'Team G5' Mac WC3, UT2004 Clan
7:50 AM | Mike Apps | Comment on this story

Gamers out there looking for fellow Mac gamers to play with may be interested in a new clan, aptly named Team G5. The clan specializes in both Warcraft III and Unreal Tournament 2004 and is quite open to letting new members in.

Here's a bit of what they've been up to:

A fantastic start on the Team Warfare Onslaught League with constant wins, a new Warcraft Division ready to go, a user base that grows every and every single day!

This is good times for Team G5 and we owe it all to ALL of you! Thank you for joining us, for believing in us and for being with us!

Today, another huge step is being made, with the perfect integration of both divisions under the Team G5 site. Sections of the website have been updated to reflect this, with a Tournament and Team Members page for each Division, the Forums have been updated with special sections and private forums... and all of this, easily accessible under an amazing work by Espen! We are Introducing our new Team G5 Menu Tray™, that fits perfectly with the G5 theme of our team! We are very proud of the ending result and all this is due to the fantastic webdesign qualities of Espen! I'm very proud to work with you E! Congratulations!

For more information, or to join the clan, follow the links provided below.

'Team G5' Mac WC3, UT2004 Clan
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