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Wednesday, February 4, 2004

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Marble Blast Community Maps Reach 100
7:46 AM | Jean-Luc Dinsdale | Comment on this story

Earlier this week, GarageGames front man Jay Moore announced that the list of community-built levels for his company's family-oriented arcade game Marble Blast Gold recently reached 100, with more maps on the way.

Marble Blast, the first game built using GarageGames' modular Torque Engine to be released on the Mac platform, puts players in charge of a single marble. Using a combination of keyboard and mouse, players navigate the marble through level after level of fun and ingenious obstacle courses in an attempt to complete the level's objectives, all within a pre-determined time limit.

With names like Dive To Eternity, Suicide Slide, and Matrix: Rampolutions, the maps, created by fifteen of the most active members of the dedicated Marble Blast community, cover the gamut of gameplay styles and difficulty. The maps require the Gold edition of the game, and are not compatible with the original version of Marble Blast, including the version given away under the recent .Mac promotion.

Marble fans wishing to get their hands on the levels should navigate over to GarageGames' website, where the 100 maps can be downloaded either individually, or in a single eight meg archive. Players will also want to download the MarbleBlast AppleScript Tools, a series of scripts for properly installing custom marble textures and level components in the right location. Also on the same page, players interested in creating their own levels should get their hands on JQT, the Mac-compatible, Java-based map editor, as well as Kenneth Mair's Blank Mission Template.

Marble Blast Gold can be purchased online for $19.95 USD from the GarageGames website, while owners who paid for the original version can upgrade for $5 USD. Click on the links below to grab the maps.

User Generated Marble Blast Content
Marble Blast Gold
Buy Marble Blast Gold

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Archives  News  Marble Blast Community Maps Reach 100