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Wednesday, December 3, 2003

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New Shadowbane Server, Patch Coming
9:36 AM | Mike Apps | Comment on this story

Shadowbane fans will be happy to hear about a new server on the way for the game, along with a patch to make way for the upcoming Rise of Chaos expansion. The new server will make some changes to previous experience and gold settings, hopefully allowing for much improved gameplay. Here's the full announcement on the server:

The new Cataclysm server will officially launch this Thursday afternoon around 1 or 2 PM EST. The Migration phase will actually begin one day earlier on Wednesday. The migration process was moved up one day to accommodate some changes to the original plan.

Thanks in large part to improvements of the Migration code by the Shadowbane team, users will now be allowed to transfer both their equipped items and inventories. This only applies to a character’s personal inventory however and not their bank.

Users from Carnage, Death, Deception, Dread, and Fear will only be allowed to transfer their character inventory if they migrate to one of the established worlds of Chaos, Mourning, or War. Any character migrating to Vengeance will be restricted to equipped items only.

We would like to thank all of our players for offering us constructive feedback on the forums about the new Cataclysm world. One of the top concerns about Cataclysm was that the experience bonus was probably set too low for a three month life cycle. After considering this issue carefully, we agree. So for the first world cycle we will set Cataclysm’s experience rate gain to 3x instead of 2x. Gold will remain roughly the same at slightly more than normal gain.

At this time we are still working on the victory point conditions for Cataclysm, so they will not be available for world launch. We expect to finish and approve the final design for the point system this week We will announce these victory conditions to our Cataclysm players sometime next week.

For more information on the server or patch, follow the links below.

New Shadowbane Server
Shadowbane Patch Info
Wolfpack Studios

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Archives  News  New Shadowbane Server, Patch Coming