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Wednesday, December 3, 2003

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GarageGames Q&A
6:16 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

Gaming site NetJak has posted an interview with Jay Moore of GarageGames. As most computer gamers know, GG's main claim to fame is its Torque Engine, which not only spans multiple platforms, but is licensed on the cheap for independent game developers.

While the bulk of the interview covers typical topics such as the aims of GG, the Torque engine itself, and business parameters, one chunk in particular should be of interest to Mac gamers:

We're huge Mac gamer fans. Not to minimize our Linux support or for that matter Windows, but we find that Mac players are incredibly supportive of independent games. Mac players have high standards for quality, but are willing to purchase games they enjoy. I facilitated a Birds of a Feather roundtable discussion at Mac World last January and what resonated strongly was don't just do what has already been done and pay attention to gameplay. In our beta test of Dark Horizons: Lore, what can arguably be said to be the first Mecha game on the Mac, the number of Mac testers nearly eclipses the Windows Mecha fans.
Those wishing to peruse the rest of the interview can find it at the provided link.

NetJak - GarageGames Interview

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