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Monday, November 10, 2003
IMG Interviews Ensemble Studios
1:31 PM | Matthew Egan | Comment on this story

Ensemble Studios is no stranger to the Real Time Strategy (RTS) genre, their Age of Empires series has sold over 10 Million copies worldwide. MacSoft is gearing up to release Ensemble's Age of Mythology for the Mac, an RTS which was released for the PC last year, and hailed one of the best RTS's ever created. With AoM for the Mac just days away, Inside Mac Games sought out Ian Fisher, Lead Designer for Ensemble Studios to find out just what we can expect from this latest addition to the RTS family.

From a technical standpoint, we had to build a new engine for Age of Mythology (which is no easy task) and we had to adjust a lot of how we worked. The way we built 2D art, for example, didn't apply at all to a 3D game. So, we had lessons to re-learn and processes to re-invent, all of which needed to be done while the engine was still changing frequently. For design, the big challenge was more learning to take full advantage of the 3D system being built. We had worked with a 2D engine for quite a while and were accustomed to thinking in those terms. Sometimes we had to take a step back and think about how the new tools at our disposal could best be applied.
Easily a worthwhile read. While we'll have to wait a few more days to get our god on with Age of Mythology, you can still get some extra AoM action by clicking over to our Age of Mythology Preview, which features screenshots, game details, and much more.

IMG Feature: Ensemble Talks Age of Mythology
Ensemble Studios
Age of Mythology
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