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Monday, November 10, 2003
Applelinks Interviews Colin Smith
6:00 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

Apparently determined to show Freeverse in the type of light they deserve to be shown in, Applelinks has posted the results of a tongue-in-cheek interview between Kirk Hiner and Colin Lynch Smith. As can be expected, the resulting symbiosis between these two Mac personalities generated some interesting Q&A bites:

Applelinks: It could work, I suppose, but most of us employees aren't likely to contribute because we're still bitter you took away our "dress-down Fridays." And speaking of dress-down Fridays...Jared. Let's talk about Jared. Couldn't you at least have dressed him up a little bit for his nationwide exposure on that Blockbuster commercial?

Colin: Hey, skin sells, and Blockbuster knows it! The problem was that we never told them that Jared doesn't have skin so much as a particular Pantone yellow which does in fact, not sell. So in retrospect, dressing him up might have been a good idea.

Also buried within the interview are a few gems of gaming insight. Besides mentioning the upcoming ToySight, Colin mentions that Wingnuts 2 will be making an appearance sometime in 2004, and also hopes to have a big announcement ready at the upcoming MacWorld San Francisco.

Those interested in learning all you never wanted to know about Freeverse can find the rest of the interview at Applelinks.

Applelinks - Colin Lynch Smith of Freeverse Software

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