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Wednesday, October 29, 2003

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Red Orchestra Updated to Beta 1.1
6:00 AM | Alvaro Radigales | Comment on this story

Barely a month after its first public release, Red Orchestra, a semi-realistic total conversion for Unreal Tournament 2003 set in the infamous East Front of the Second World War, has been updated to beta 1.1. This latest version implements some of new gameplay features, but mainly focuses on fixing a few bugs encountered in the first public build.

Red Orchestra puts the player into the combat boots of either a German or a Soviet infantry soldier caught in the intense combat of the russian front. The mod carefully details the scenarios of the major battles fought between 1941 and 1945, providing an immersive atmosphere while keeping a fast-paced, team-based online experience.

Here are some of the features included in the latest release of Red Orchestra, as quoted from the official version history:

  • The scope system now has 3 settings. The texture overlay, a lower detail scope with the scope a little farther from the eye, and a high detail one with the scope close to the eye. The low detail scope should be used by default as it offers the best balance between FPS and detail.
  • Firing from the crouched position and not moving will decrease weapon spread by 15%
  • Firing from the prone position will decrease weapon spread by 30%
  • Increase the range player names are visible from 32 feet to 100 feet
  • Added bayonet support for the Mosin-Nagant 91/30
  • Temporarily increased the amount of spread you'll experience when firing in hip mode. This will only affect rifles
For more information on Red Orchestra or to download the mod, be sure to check its official web site through the link provided below. The full list of new features and fixes brought by beta 1.1 can be found in the Red Orchestra forums.

Red Orchestra
Red Orchestra Forums: Beta 1.1 Feature List

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Archives  News  Red Orchestra Updated to Beta 1.1