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Monday, October 27, 2003

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World of Warcraft Quest Info
6:28 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

Blizzard has expanded on their World of Warcraft site by adding a section that expounds on Quests. Cited as both amusing ways to learn more about Azeroth as well as the storyline of WoW, Quests will come in a multitude of varieties. While some Quests can be completed quickly, others may take a group over a week to complete.

Finding a Quest should be simple, as Quest-giving NPCs will have exclamation marks over their heads. Subsequent follow-up NPCs will sport question marks to make locating them easier. To keep things neat, players will also have access to a Quest log, which will automatically organize and detail Quests.

The page also has a narrative of a small sample quest involving some extermination work at a local gravesite:

Your task nearly complete, you kneel down to inspect the belongings of a recently slain Rot Hide Graverobber. On his maggot-ridden corpse hangs a small purse of gold, and clutched in his arms you find a grotesque severed head--a head that looks like it has something to say...
Screenshots, Quest highlights, and info on types of Quests can also be found in the Quest section.

World of Warcraft - Quests
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