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Friday, August 29, 2003
Spiderweb Q&A
7:06 AM | Mike Apps | Comment on this story

Indie Gaming website Indiegamer recently got a chance to sit down and chat with Jeff Vogel of Spiderweb Software. The interview mostly covers various aspects of the Indie game market, and also analyzes the success of some of Jeff's games. Here's a sample of the interview:

Indie Gamer:How do you feel about the Indie game scene in general over the past year or so? Do you see any significant changes?

Jeff Vogel: I know that a lot of developers were getting lots of money from the big distribution serviles (RealArcade, for example). Then they weren't. However, I don't really see much of what other people are doing. I tend to live in my own little world.

Indie Gamer: What about the shareware market in general? Is it tougher to market your games now than it was a few years ago? Easier?

Jeff Vogel: Tougher. The dot-com boom was very kind to us. Piles of gaming sites, all of which needed content. Now there are less gaming news outlets, and they have less people to write for them, so they are more selective about who they'll cover. Because I'm so established, I do pretty well getting news coverage. If I was just starting out, though, it'd be real hard.

To check out the full interview, follow the link provided below. For more info on Spiderweb's games, head on over to their website, also linked below.

Spiderweb Q&A
Spiderweb Software

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