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Wednesday, August 27, 2003
Ryan Gordon Update
3:40 PM | Mike Apps | Comment on this story

Everyone's favorite Unreal Tournament 2003 Mac programmer Ryan Gordon recently made several updates to his programming diary. In the various updates, he makes notes on upcoming work on Duke 3D for OSX, Postal 2, along with progress on Unreal Tournamet for OSX, thanks to a donation of Codewarrior 7 from Metrowerks. Here's some snippets from the update:

We've got Bargle's joystick code in CVS. Haven't tried it myself (no sticks
here), but it should be good to go.

Stuff on the MacOS TODO list:
1) x86 compatibility for savegames
2) keeping Mac/PC networking in sync
3) Coming up with a server browser/matching service.
4) Add Cmd-Q as a quit key.
5) Make sure BUILD editor runs (it does, just needs sanity checks).
6) Race condition in audiolib causes occasional crash.

Please stop emailing me to ask if this is done yet.

Metrowerks has decided to aid this effort and made arrangements for me to use CodeWarrior 7 (much thanks!)...I've got the discs sitting here, and an OS9 version of UT compiling just to see where it stands. Next step is merging in the appropriate UTPG changes.

Rumor has it that AL_GAIN_LINEAR_LOKI is really what AL_GAIN is defined to be in the OpenAL spec, so the UTPG AL renderer might be right already. I love it when things Just Work.

To check out the full update, follow the link below.

Ryan Gordon Update

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