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Thursday, August 21, 2003
UT2004 Hellbender Movie Posted
6:50 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

Unreal Ops has posted an exclusive movie that shows off the current capabilities of the Hellbender. A vehicle slated to be in the upcoming Unreal Tournament 2004, the Hellbender sports the ability to carry three people, with two of those people manning entirely different weapons:

The front is the Driver, the middle is the Top Gunner and the back is the Main Gunner.  The Hellbender is not as fast as the Manta or Scorpion but it still moves pretty quick for the amount of punch it dishes out.  While not as versatile as the Raptor and not as deadly as the Battle Tank, it is definitely an all around nice weapon/transport.While the weapons still aren't 100% finished on it, the look and feel of the HB is pretty cool.  It is a good cover vehicle for ground troops.
While the weapons are still in development, the ones shown on the current build include a repeating cannon and a secondary weapon described as being similar to the shock rifle. Also shown are brief glimpses of the player running around with dual pistols.

The movie is available in both Divx and Windows Media Player formats, with the Divx download being about 16.9 MB in size. Links to both can be found at Unreal Ops.

Unreal Ops

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