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Monday, August 18, 2003

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Halo PC Impressions, Screens
10:13 AM | Mike Apps | Comment on this story

A member of the forums over at Modzone recently got a chance to visit Gearbox Software and check out the upcoming PC version of Halo. The author, who had no previous experience with Halo, posted his various experiences with the game, along with several photos. Here's a snippet:

Gearbox is working hard at releasing a very solid game. They have explained that Microsoft is giving them a lot of time to strenuously test the game and make sure that the final gold version will have as little bugs and problems as possible.

A non-beta toolkit will be released around the same time the game is released. The reason it is not being released inside the box is because Microsoft wants everything in the box to be completely QA tested, and officially supported (as in, you can call the help line to ask questions about it). Since the toolkit might have a few bugs and it is not being tech supported, it is being released separately, and might be around a 100mb-150mb download.

The demo will be released shortly after the game release. While Randy would love to do it earlier, he really wants the team to concentrate on finishing the game. After the game is released, Randy hopes to relax a little bit, and at that time a demo will be completed.

Randy is very committed to doing an online co-op mode, though it is not certain if it will be included in the box, or as a download later.

Major bugs from the XBox version like crazy rockets when running fast and exploits have been fixed. Some fun things, like grenading your warthog into parts of levels you shouldn't be still exist in single player.

The Gearbox team is working hard on making the game look great. DirectX 9 is fully used, with lots of bump mapping and pixel shader 2.0 effects. There was one scene when he lit the sand with the flashlight that looked amazing. Gearbox has worked directly with Nvidia and ATI, as well as people from the DirectX development team to make sure the game looks good. Minimum specs should be 733mhz/128mb/GeForce2MX. If you want all the effects, you'd want a GeforceFX or a Radeon 9800. The developers said both cards are pretty equal in terms of running the game. Overall, the game is probably not up to the level of Half-Life 2 or DOOM 3. It is comparable with Unreal Tournament 2003.

Along with this news, Microsoft recently updated their Halo PC website with some screenshots of the new multi-player levels to be included in the game. To check out either the full post, or the new screenshots, follow the links provided below. As you most likely already know, Westlake Interactive is hard at work keeping the Mac version of Halo up to snuff with the PC version.

Halo PC Impressions
Halo PC Screenshots
Bungie Studios
Westlake Interactive
Halo: Combat Evolved

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