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Monday, August 18, 2003

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id's Carmack, Willits Talk DOOM III
9:31 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

As the QuakeCon 2003 event wraps up, interviews with two of id Software's employees, co-founder John Carmack and lead designer Tim Willits, have been posted discussing the event's main attraction this year, DOOM III.

GameSpy managed to have a seat with Carmack, and in the interview, he goes into detail on the DOOM III engine itself, as well as talking about the future plans and what he hopes for games like Quake IV. Here's a clip from the article:

GameSpy: How long does it take to create an engine?

John Carmack: The DOOM rendering engine went surprisingly smoothly, I mean more so than almost any other thing that I have done before. I made absolutely the right calls at the early strategic level. It was good fortune.

I look back at that and see that the very real decisions about what the core rendering technology was going to be, how the architecture was going to be, and what the external interface was going to be did not change in over two years in a fundamental way. I had the core of it done two years. We could render a picture and it looks like what the DOOM engine does.

It took another year to add all of the features has as opposed to a technology demo, but fundamentally has not changed in a year. There have been a few changes, a few little optimizations, but mostly it's the rest of the game coming up to par-getting the game technology there, the game system and all of the characters, and the things that make it a real game.

HomeLan Fed scored the other Q&A with Willits, and he focuses mainly on specifics of DOOM III itself. He notes they are contracting out the game's multiplayer map design and also comments on the interactivity of the title. Be sure to head over and check out both interviews if you're interested in this upcoming title. There is no release date yet set for DOOM III, but the company has firmly said it won't be out this year.

GameSpy Interview with John Carmack
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