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Friday, August 15, 2003

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Shadowbane Guild DB Upgrade, Future Patch Notes
10:01 AM | Mike Apps | Comment on this story

The Shadowbane website was recently updated with news on a Guild Database upgrade, along with news on the next patch for the game. The Guild and Map database was streamlined to make it much faster to access, and the update also notes new features to come:

The Online Maps and Guild Database systems have been streamlined and the overall performance drastically improved. We are currently working on new features to the online database that would allow easier navigation and searching. We hope to have these new additions sometime soon. If you have not tried out the Maps page or Database lately, go give them a whirl.
The upcoming patch makes a slew of bug fixes and balancing changes, along with added a few new features to the game, including a new zone. Here's a snippet of the bug-fixes:
- It is no longer possible to use the management window to destroy a ToL.
- A killer's guild and nation name now correctly appears on your KOS List.
- Some code added to prevent any problems occurring to ToLs.
- Banished city members should no longer get /city messages.
- Building damage and healing should be saved and restored after server restarts.
- Characters will no longer be able to repledge into a guild they have been banished from.

- Fixed a number of instances where the world map was not refreshing (crests, names, etc.).
- Fixed an exploit allowing for instantaneous logouts.
- If you delete a skins file, it is now possible to use characters once used with that skins file.
- Connectivity improved between login and game servers.
- KOS list performance has been improved.
- It will no longer be possible to heal buildings with gold during any phase of a siege if buildings are within a certain range of the ToL.

To check out the full list, follow the link provided below.

Wolfpack Studios
Shadowbane Guild Database Upgrade
Shadowbane Future Patch Notes

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Archives  News  Shadowbane Guild DB Upgrade, Future Patch Notes