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Thursday, August 7, 2003

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IMG Posts Billy Frontier Review
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IMG's Galen Wiley has written a review of Pangea Software's recently released action-arcade game Billy Frontier. The review covers the game in its entirety, everything from graphics and sound to gameplay and value. Here's a sneak peak of what's inside:

In truth, the game really has only three "real" mini games. The fourth, Duel, is not so much a game as it is a key if you will, to unlocking the others. The rules and game play are simple; a cut scene plays on the screen while different arrow combinations appear in the bottom middle corner. Combinations range from three directions all the way to eight, depending on the difficulty of the desired level. As the player, you must match the arrows by pressing in the various key combinations in order. After completing one set, a small sphere lights up, indicating how many sets are left (there are always 16, no matter the difficulty). If you happen to mess up or take too long, you lose one sphere and are forced to start over. Should you complete the 16 spheres in time, you're treated to a rather Matrix inspired duel out with up to three opponents and the desired game is yours. Of course, should you not succeed (usually the case when you're trying to unlock the final level as just a beginner), you'll be forced to witness Billy bite the bullets. How could you, you monster?
For more information, including the final verdict, check out the full review.

IMG Review: Billy Frontier
Billy Frontier
Pangea Software

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