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Monday, August 4, 2003

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Freeverse Software Releases Solace 1.03
2:46 PM | Galen Wiley | Comment on this story

Macintosh games publisher Freeverse Software has just released an update to their popular Axis & Allies inspired strategy game, Solace. The patch, deemed v1.03 adds a handful of new features, as well as fixes some troublesome bugs experienced with earlier builds. Here's a full list of changes from Macgamefiles:

  • Added a grey color chip for 100 units, making the chips now white(1), red(5), blue(25), grey(100)
  • Added the ability to move an arbitrary number of units from a stack. Simply type a number and then drag the army like normal.
  • Added the ability to switch between windowed and fullscreen mode (press Cmd+M)
  • Added "Quick AI Turns" option which has Solace skip many of the graphics during AI turns in order to speed up play
  • Added the option to turn off victory/defeat notice after battles
  • Fixed bug when you drag a unit onto another unit from the same county... this caused Solace to freeze
  • Sloops are now limited by the 12-dice rule when they play a hit & fade
  • Fixed typos in the PBEM final winners email
  • Fixed the "long pause" associated with skipping battles which are particularly large
  • Fixed freeze problem during port defense (was a manifestation of a deeper problem with the RNG)
  • Addressed an issue with certain off-beat LCD monitors
  • Fixed bug with multiplying units by removing single transports from a movement plan (this is no longer allowed)
  • Fixed problems with sleep/screensaver and Solace hanging
  • Fixed problem with MP3 playback code, which was causing random crashes when switching to and from GameSmith, and elsewhere
  • Fixed the ship being unplayable when removing an amphibious assault due to removing the loaded transports from a separate attack move bug
  • Solace on Mac OS X now stores all of its saved game files in the user's Documents directory, allowing Solace to be used across multiple accounts
  • If you have a copy of Solace, be sure to download the latest patch to make use of the new features, and if not, be sure to check out the new v1.03 demo. If you like it, you can pick up your own copy of Solace for only $19.95 at the Freeverse Store.

    Download Solace v1.03

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