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Wednesday, July 23, 2003

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Halo Interviews on IGN
10:37 AM | Mike Apps | Comment on this story

IGN recently posted two separate interviews covering the upcoming PC port of Bungie's hit first-person shooter, Halo. The first interview covers the various graphical aspects of the game, including improvements made to the PC version. The second covers Halo in general, including multi-player and gameplay. Here's a snippet from the first interview:

IGNPC: Aside from the up in resolution, what can PC owners expect out of the graphics engine that Xbox owners did not have?

Randy Pitchford: The effort has been to recreate the Xbox visual effects as much as possible while supporting both bleeding edge and older video hardware (and everything in between). If you have a fancy new high-speed fully DirectX 9 compliant video card, you'll see our custom implementation of the Halo pixel shaders (surface effects such as reflection, specularity, bump mapping, etc). The way Gearbox engineered the visual effects for the PC version allows programmers to write custom shaders without having to rebuild the game. So, we've shared this technology with ATi and NVIDIA and they have been contributing to make the game even faster and nicer on their hardware.

And a snippet from the second:
IGNPC: What's up with cooperative multiplayer over LAN or Internet?

Randy Pitchford: Halo Multiplayer is just an awesome experience. We're playing team based games every night and can't wait to play with our customers when the game is launched. Regardless of how much we want it (and we really, really want it), cooperative play in the campaign mode is not going to be in at launch. It turned out to be a really, insanely difficult problem to do this over a network (as opposed to doing something like split screen) which is why it's next to impossible to find a first-person action game that offers it on the PC. I'd really like to see it happen, but I think everyone making a purchase decision should do so based on the award winning single player story and the super enhanced, super fun multiplayer modes that are in the box at launch.

To check out the full interviews, follow the links below. If you can't wait to order your copy, you can pre-order the Mac version of Halo from the IMG store.

Halo Graphics Interview
Halo General Interview
Bungie Studios
Westlake Interactive
Halo: Combat Evolved

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