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Wednesday, July 2, 2003
More from Roper on Blizzard Departure
8:44 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

The computer gaming community has been buzzing lately regarding the recent news of several key Blizzard employees leaving the company, including the highly visible VP Bill Roper. Both the company and the news are large enough to where major news sites have been covering the story.

Looking to clear the rumor mill up a little, Roper dropped some comments to CNN Money, noting that the main reason for his leaving stemmed Blizzard's parent company Vivendi leaving Blizzard out of the loop concerning its gaming division's possible sale. He adds that he had to garner most of the information concerning sale possibilities from the net, just like anyone else.

A popular rumor going around that Roper is quick to dismiss is that he and his coworkers left the company due to the possibility of constraints on creativity.

Roper also spent some time answering questions for HomeLan Fed, discussing his plans for the future:

Now that a new chapter is beginning for their professional lives, Roper said he is excited by the prospects of forming a new game development company. He told us that the foursome is very aware that a lot of attention is being paid to them right now from prospective publishers. “I would be lying if I would say my phone hasn’t already been ringing,’ he said. However, at the time of our conversation today they haven’t even decided on a name for the company. “That’s topic number on when we all get together (later today) he said.” While they are not taking any resumes just yet, Roper said they are also getting calls from people who might wish to join their proto-studio. “We know a lot of people that make games and I hope we get a lot of calls from people,” he said.
HomeLan wasn't able to get any specifics regarding what kind of games the new group may produce in the future, but Roper does reveal that the group has already begun tossing ideas around.

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