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Monday, June 30, 2003
New OS X Aleph One Build Available
9:00 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

The Marathon Open Source team has recently released a new build of Aleph One, the ongoing volunteer project to keep the Marathon series alive. The latest OS X version of the build features various fixes and enhancements:

These builds include various enhancements and bug fixes in addition to the new player-prediction mechanism. Prominent bugs fixed include one that prevented Aleph One from launching on Windows 98 Special Edition, Windows NT 4, and earlier versions of Windows (error: Missing export - KERNEL32.DLL:OpenThread), one that prevented Aleph One from launching on certain Mac OS X systems (error: 13" display required), and one that affected looking up and down with the keyboard.
In related news, the Marathon Infinity demo Mac fileset has been tweaked so that Aleph One can once again start up with it with no problems. The dev team adds that the fileset is useful only to people who don't have actual Marathon 2, Marathon Infinity, or comparable files available.

Those interested in downloading any of the team's latest work can find it at the official Marathon Open Source site.

Marathon Open Source
Bungie Studios
Marathon Infinity

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Archives  News  New OS X Aleph One Build Available