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Wednesday, June 25, 2003

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UGO Previews Halo
7:49 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

UnderGroundOnline has added their own two cents to the ever-growing list of Halo previews. While the bulk of the preview contains information that virtually every fan should know by now, it also lists some interesting features and enhancements that the computer version of Halo will sport over its Xbox counterpart, including new weapons and multiplayer game types.

As far as multiplayer goes, while players won't be able to play as Covenant, they will be able to man a variety of vehicles, including Banshees and Scorpion tanks. A new Warthog sporting a rocket launcher in the back will also be available.

Some of the new multiplayer options, such as Crazy King, should prove interesting in practice:

All of the Xbox original game types will be present, including Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Oddball, Races, King of the Hill and some new, as yet unveiled, game modes for the PC. Players can set up their game how they want to play, so they can add a "Crazy King" variant, in which the hill moves after a period of time, to the King of the Hill. Along with all of the Xbox maps are six new PC exclusives, and we're sure we'll see more post-release. Equally interesting is that Gearbox is looking to offer other character models, beyond the Master Chief player model, for multiplayer gaming.
The Mac version of Halo was recently announced as reaching First Playable status. No solid release date is available yet, though you can be sure we're keeping our ears to the ground.

UGO - Halo Preview
Bungie Studios
Westlake Interactive
Halo: Combat Evolved

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