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Wednesday, June 18, 2003

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Yet Another Elite Force II Q&A
12:00 PM | Mike Apps | Comment on this story

Gaming site recently got a chance to sit down and chat with one of Ritual Entertainment's producers, Jon Galloway. The interview mainly focuses on Ritual's latest title, Star Trek:Elite Force II, talking about everything from gameplay to some insight into the development process of the game.
Here's a snippet:

Doupe: What sort of gameplay experience should we expect from Elite Force II? Is it going to be a pure first-person shooter or do you try to stir in the game some kind of elements from other genres? What are the main differences between the upcoming sequel and original Elite Force?

J.G.: The primary gameplay experience is definitely that of an action shooter (FPS). In this respect it is pretty pure and stays true to the action gaming. We didn't spend a lot of effort trying to blend genres, but there are a lot of game mechanics and aspects of the design that do not strictly entail the use of weapons.

The missions aboard the Enterprise-E are more about information gathering, story telling and interaction with both your environment and the crewmembers aboard the ship.

The original Elite Force has been widely hailed as a great first-person shooter and was highly rated in reviews. For the sequel, our goals were to build on its successes. The gameplay experience and rich deep story in the first product was key for us in making the sequel. The areas we wanted to branch out in were to make the game larger in scope and to transition the game to a much greater variety of locales. Along the way, we also added many other touches unique to Elite Force II. Additionally we wanted to transition the product from the Star Trek: Voyager license to the Star Trek: Next Generation license. Overall I'm very happy with what we've come up with and it will be a very worthy successor to Elite Force.

Doupe: Can you describe the main plot of your game? What new members will the Hazard team have?

J.G.: The main plot concerns unraveling a mystery surrounding a dangerous and sinister attack and invasion of an alien menace of unknown origins.

There are several new hazard team members, including Korban a new Klingon recruit, Jack Franklin a security officer from the Enterprise, Jorge Gonzales who gets added later in the game and Sydney Stockman a pilot who just graduated from the Academy.

The PC version of Elite Force II is currently in duplication, and Westlake is already well into the development of the Mac version. For more information on Elite Force II, or to check out the full interview, follow the links below.

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