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Friday, May 30, 2003

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No Duke Nukem Forever This Year
11:15 AM | Alvaro Radigales | Comment on this story

Many at this year's E3 took notice that 3D Realms' Duke Nukem Forever was no where to be seen. Speculation began that the game might be in trouble. But recently 3D Realms officials have been reassuring people that the game is still on its way. But when seems to be another question that keeps coming up.

As recently revealed by Take Two interactive in an investor conference call, 3DRealm's upcoming first-person shooter Duke Nukem Forever is very unlikely to see the light this year either.

Here's the snip from the conference call as covered by ShackNews:

Analyst: Regarding Duke Nukem Forever for the PC, any chance -any possibility under the sun- that we see that this holiday season? Or at what point do you guys just pull the plug on that?

Take Two: I think in terms of possibilities under the sun for this holiday season, the answer to that is 'no.' With regards to next year, we're in a wait and see mode at this point. You know, last quarter we wrote it down substantially, so we generally already pulled the plug. And right now we're just hopeful that the team in Dallas will finish it.

In a forum post on, 3D Realms' George Broussard had some interesting things to say regarding the development of Duke Nukem Forever:
Just bear in mind that 3DR funds DNF 100% out of our own pockets. Take Two does nothing. If we didn't have utmost confidence in our abilities and the future of the game, then why would we continue to fund it ourselves? We could easily quit, scrap it, and do some other game.

All we want to do is keep quite, work on the game, and emerge later and show you what we're working on. We don't want hype. We don't want drama. We don't want Take Two saying stupid ass things in public, for the sole purposes of helping their stock.

But just remember, it's our time and our money we are spending on the game. So either we're absolutely stupid and clueless, or we believe in what we are working on. In the end, you guys will judge the final results. For now, all we want to do is keep quiet and work.
To check out the post and the many replies, head over to Shacknews.

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