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Monday, May 19, 2003

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PC Halo Previews
8:38 AM | Mike Apps | Comment on this story

Gaming networks IGN and Gamespot both recently posted hands-on previews of the upcoming PC version of Bungie's Halo. Gearbox, the company in charge of the PC version of the game, recently showed of the fruits of their labor at E3. The previews focus mainly on the look and feel of Halo on the Xbox, and both are quite positive about the results.

Here's a snip from Gamespot's preview:

Jumping into a familiar single-player level gave us plenty of opportunity to see just how good the game feels with PC mouse-and-keyboard controls. Aiming with a mouse seems to make the game a little easier, given that the lock-on reticle system is the same. The elegant Xbox control scheme translates over to just a handful of keys, with the grenade throw assigned to the right mouse button. Perhaps the one moment we missed the Xbox analog controls was when we climbed into a warthog, but the driving controls were still quite intuitive.
And here's one from the IGN preview:
The first thing to note is control. Mouse and keyboard play makes the game substantially more enjoyable to play (simple aim, leaping shots to the face, better precision for shooting under and around obstacles, more fluid vehicle control, etcetera). This is all pretty obvious. Even though a gamepad option will be included, mouse and keyboard play is all that's needed and all that should be used. Perhaps not so obviously apparent is that for single player, the game can get pretty easy. Randy believes that because there is now no auto aim and you thus have to take more time to lead targets and figure out the ballistics system, that it'll be somewhat more difficult, or at least difficult enough to be a comparable experience to the Xbox version with auto aim, but lacking mouse control. In practice, it doesn't always work out like this.
For those wondering about the Mac version of Halo, its being worked on by Westlake Interactive, and is not too far behind the PC version. For more information on Halo, or to read either preview, follow the provided links below.

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