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Monday, May 19, 2003

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X-Plane 6.70 Released
8:38 AM | Tim Morgan | Comment on this story

Austin Meyer of Laminar Research has released version 6.70 of his general-aviation flight simulator X-Plane. The new version, among the last for the 6.xx series, incorporates some new features and optimizations found in the beta 7.00 release. The complete list:

  • New plugins.

  • Some speed optimizations from Version-7 applied for higher frame-rate.

  • C key to bring up sectional chart.

  • FADEC failures now available.

  • Failures now outputtable by udp selection.

  • DME avail to carriers and frigates.

  • Beta prop option in Plane-Maker to get thet reverse just right.

  • World-Maker auto-grid option stays away from the env edges so the env edges are always perfect.

  • In Plane-Maker, put the new water gage in the supplementary folder on the panel of your water bomber... then skim the ocean to pick up water to drop on fires!

  • World-Maker apt/nav search improved... now finds apt and nav ids of even non-standard length.

  • Support for more OS-X joysticks.

  • More fine-tune control over the view in world-maker when using the SHIFT +/-/arrows to really get those runways positoned perfectly.

  • No more crashing when pulling the mixture on lift-fans.

  • Cars and houses and stuff do not turn on their lites quite so easily.. they were turning on their lites even on a cloudy day.

  • Fires can be put out by dropping flame-retardant on them.

X-Plane 6 is the current version of Laminar's massive flight simulator which allows players to take up a seemingly endless number of aircraft around the Earth and into outer space. Meyer is currently working to release the next generation of his simulator, X-Plane 7, while continuing to support version 6.

Laminar Research
X-Plane 6
Download X-Plane 6.70 Beta/Demo (99 MB)

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