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Friday, May 16, 2003

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Is Unreal Tournament for OS X Dead?
12:47 PM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

For the past year or so, Westlake's Glenda Adams has on her free time been porting Unreal Tournament to Mac OS X and had released three preview version of UT X. But with the recent announcement that she would be moving on to Aspyr, IMG forum users began to ask if she would continue work on the Mac OS X version of Unreal Tournament. The answer seems to be no, not at the moment.

Here's what she had to say:

To be truthful, I'm not sure what will happen with UT X. Someone else at Westlake could decide to work on it, but I don't really think any of the programmers there are interested doing that.

Whether I could work on it as a hobby while I was at Aspyr (if I suddenly was rejuvenated to program again), I don't know. There definitely are some legal issues, and I'm not even going to think about that right now, since at this point I don't have the interest in programming.

I guess I am hoping the the UT2k3 release will be enough for some gamers, simply because there isn't anything likely to happen on UT X any time soon. It's disappointing if UT X does end up this way, but maybe it's an appropriately messy end for what was a long and messy project. :)

So does this mean that Unreal Tournament for OS X is dead for good? Maybe not. In another post in the IMG forum, a reader posts a discussion he had with a programmer from UTPG.ORG, a group of programmers who have taken on the task of maintaining the UT code base to run on current systems and OS'es. According to the programmer, they recently received the code from Westlake Interactive and will be working on an OS X client but cautioned that it "Will be some time though" before we see anything.

Indeed, if you visit the UTPG.ORG web site, it has a listing for Macintosh with the words "No files available yet" underneath.

We'll be sure to keep you posted on any further develoments.

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