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Thursday, May 15, 2003
Logitech Announces New Cordless MX Duo
9:05 AM | Johan HansÚn | Comment on this story

Input device manufacturer Logitech has released a new cordless keyboard/mouse combination. The Cordless MX Duo features their top of the line Cordless Elite Keyboard and the highly acclaimed MX700 Cordless mouse. Both products feature Logitech's Fast RF cordless technology. A technology designed to overcome the largest drawback in early cordless products; transfer speed.

From Logitech's Press Release:

All of Logitech's cordless peripherals for the desktop are based on proven digital radio technology, which ensures reliable performance within a six-foot radius of the receiver with no line-of-sight requirement. The new Fast RF technology advances cordless performance even further by delivering a level of responsiveness equal to that of a corded mouse. Fast RF technology provides advancements in the three areas that most challenge cordless mice: report rate, transmission speed and latency. By increasing the cordless report rate to 125 reports per second, Fast RF matches the rate of a USB cable connection. This, in combination with increased transmission speed and reduced latency delivers the smoothness and precision previously known only in corded mice.
The Cordless MX Duo works with Mac OS X as well Windows 98 or later and has a suggested retail price of $99.99.

If you want more information about the products, head over to Logitech's website or read our own reviews of the Logitech MX700 and the Elite Keyboard. Please note that it is the corded version of the keyboard that is in the review and not the Cordless Elite featured in the Duo package.

Logitech: Introducing Cordless MX Duo
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Archives  News  Logitech Announces New Cordless MX Duo