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Monday, May 12, 2003

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Republic Previews, Trailer
8:43 AM | Alvaro Radigales | Comment on this story, the official web site for Elixir Studios' upcoming political simulator Republic: The Revolution, has posted a trailer of this title in its download page. Following this update, GameSpot, Gamespy and IGN have each posted their hands-on previews of the game.

Republic: The Revolution brings us to the fictional, former soviet state of Novistrana, ruled by President Karasov, a dictator who has outlawed all political parties but his. As a power-hungry political leader, the player must try to overthrow Karasov's government at all costs, using whatever means necessary. Needless to say, many actions of questionable morality will be necessary more often than not, or at least mighty useful.

Here's a snip from GameSpot's preview of this original and impressive title:

The other major choice at the outset of the game is determining your party's ideological stance. The choice is represented as a triangle of the three ideologies--wealth, influence, and force--that can be mixed in any numerical proportion you please. This party emphasis determines which segment of the population will best respond to your overall message and which characters and henchmen will work best with you. These three concepts also correspond to the three resources in the game that are spent when your character and lieutenants attempt actions. To keep things easy to understand, Republic will have a color-coding system that may be all you need to distinguish people, neighborhoods, and actions that depend on wealth from those that depend on force or influence. Despite these abstract-sounding features, the game's interface and mechanics actually seem pretty straightforward.
A Mac version of Republic: The Revolution was announced by Feral Interactive on February 24 and is in development, though no solid release date has been revealed.

For more information on this strategy game, be sure to check any of the three previews, as well as's trailer, through the links provided below.

Feral Interactive
Republic: The Revolution
Republic Preview at GameSpot
Republic Preview at GameSpy
Republic Preview at IGN Download Page
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