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Monday, May 12, 2003

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Diablo II 1.10 Patch Info
8:43 AM | Scott Turner | Comment on this story

Blizzard, makers of the incredibly popular RPG Diablo II, look to be giving the game an extensive revision very soon. They have just unveiled info on a truly massive enhancement that should add quite a bit to both seasoned players and newcomers' experiences of the game.

This newest version of the game will bring it up to version number 1.10 and will include a wide variety of changes. Dozens of brand-new items, runewords, and better enemy AI are just a few of the enhancements planned for the update.

Here are some of the official changes, as posted on the forums:

  • Seasonal Ladder Characters- A new ladder system will let players compete on a seasonal basis. At the beginning of each season, the ladder-based world of Diablo II will be "reborn" and players will be able to create new characters to start their climbs again on equal footing.

  • More Challenging Gameplay- Diablo II players who adventure in the Nightmare and Hell difficulty levels will experience a world in which the monsters have become more powerful and substantially harder to defeat.

  • Enhanced Skills- The skills of each player-character class have been thoroughly revised.

    Item-specific changes:

  • Enhanced Class-Specific Sets- The class-specific sets in Diablo II: Lord of Destruction have been significantly improved - some with abilities never before seen in the game.

  • New Unique Item Properties - Some of the all-new unique item properties introduce entirely new twists to the world of Diablo II. Imagine a Barbarian who can shape-shift into a Werewolf.

  • Improved Treasure Drops - The quality of items dropped by regular monsters has been greatly increased.

  • Better Gambling Odds - The average quality of items won via gambling has been improved.

  • New Anti-Cheat Measures - We have addressed some of the ways that "grief" players have used hacks or exploited features/bugs in Diablo II to unfairly attack others. We have taken measures to address a number of existing cheats, hacks, and illegal items with an eye toward preventing such cheating in the future.
This update is quite wide-spread, and Blizzard has acknowledged that it is still under development. For more information on what is currently known to the public, visit the unofficial Diablo homepage at or you can go to the affiliated Arreat Summit for complete Blizzard sanctioned statistics on the game. Links to these can be found below. Forum Post on 1.10 Update
The Arreat Summit
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