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Friday, May 9, 2003

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6:00 AM | Alvaro Radigales | Comment on this story

IGN, the popular entertainment and gaming network, recently interviewed veteran wargame developer on their upcoming title Combat Mission: Afrika Korps, latest installment of the award-winning tactical simulation series. is known for the extreme historical and technical accuracy of their simulations, and Combat Mission: Afrika Korps is no exception. Here's a snip from the interview that covers this particular aspect of the game:

IGNPC: You've said that historical accuracy will be an even bigger priority this time around. Can you explain how this will manifest in the game? Historical accuracy is and always has been our main goal for the Combat Mission series, which we regard as much as a ground combat simulation as a game. We have improved the simulation aspect while moving from Combat Mission Beyond Overlord to Combat Mission Barbarossa to Berlin, and the third game in the series will see another refinement in this aspect. However, since we seem to have gotten it largely right for Combat Mission Barbarossa to Berlin, there isn't too much to change anymore for Combat Mission Afrika Korps. At least not without writing a whole new engine - but this is what the "new engine" (see below) is for.
Combat Mission: Afrika Korps will take us to the Mediterranean Theatre of the Second World War. While it will use basically the same engine as its predecessor, some changes are being made in order to depict the new battlefields properly, from the burning sands of North Africa to the gentle hills of Italy.

For more information on this title, be sure to check the full text of the interview through the link provided below.

Combat Mission: Afrika Korps is being developed as an OS9-only title by and, according to their web site, it's expected to be released by the end of 2003.
Combat Mission: Afrika Korps
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