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Wednesday, May 7, 2003

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Myth II 1.4 Patch Delayed
8:38 AM | Alvaro Radigales | Comment on this story

According to an announcement by PlayMyth, community web site and online gaming service for the Myth series, the release of the 1.4 update patch for Myth II, currently under development by Myth Developers and Project Magma, has been delayed to May 30 due to a few minor bugs and some issues with the implementation of OpenGL rendering.

Far from being a simple compilation of bug fixes, the 1.4 update will add several features to this title, some of which can be read about in this quote from the Project Magma web site:

Myth v1.4 will add over 100 enhancements, bug fixes and new features to Myth II: Soulblighter, in the areas of: graphics; interface improvements; elimination of plugin lag; elimination of chat lag; elimination of the 'walking bug', new mapmaking features; AI improvements and bug fixes; optional vTFL (virtual TFL) gameplay, which effectively brings both games and communities to the same program; and much, much more.
Virtual TFL is Project Magma's attempt to emulate the look and feel of Myth: The Fallen Lords, first game of the series, within the upgraded Myth II engine, reproducing its physics, units and even multiplayer maps.

The 1.4 update for Myth II will be released for both Mac and PC and will allow cross-platform networking through either TCP/IP or the standard Myth II online gaming services, PlayMyth and

For more information on this update, check the Myth Developers and Project Magma web sites through the links provided below.

Myth II: Soulblighter
Myth Developers
Project Magma

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Archives  News  Myth II 1.4 Patch Delayed