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Wednesday, April 23, 2003
Cyan Changing Directions with Uru
9:39 AM | Scott Turner | Comment on this story

The Riven Unofficial Homepage recently reported a large shift apparently occuring with the developers and publishers of the latest Myst incarnation, Myst Online, or Uru. Originally slated to be a Massive Multiplayer Online game, there was an unusually high requirement that the developer Cyan and publisher Ubi Soft had slapped on the title; the online portion would be available to broadband users only.

The majority of people who access the internet still use dial-up however, and there is speculation that Ubi Soft felt it was not economically feasable to release a MMO game that was available to broadband users only. According to the Riven Unofficial Homepage, the game has been relabled, and here is the new summary of the game directly from Ubi Soft:

"Uru: Ages Beyond MYST: Ubi Soft's forward-looking strategy for its Myst franchise will be visible with this game, a single-player experience that can be enriched with online content."
A relief for dial-up users to be sure, this is likely to have incredible ramifications on Uru's final concept and development. Also, keep in mind that the Mac version has also not been confirmed by Cyan due to lack of funding, but keep your fingers crossed, and keep checking back with IMG as this story develops.

Visit the Unofficial Riven Homepage at the link below for more speculation over this game-wide change.

The Riven Unofficial Homepage Uru Speculation
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