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Wednesday, April 23, 2003
Orbz 2.0 Interview
9:39 AM | Scott Turner | Comment on this story

21-6 Productions' president Justin Mette recently gave HomeLAN an inside look at the development, production, and packaging of Orbz 2. The title features new maps, or "courses", gameplay modes, bots, and more. Here's an excerpt from the interview:

HomeLAN - What can you tell us about the new single player mode for Orbz 2.0?

Justin Mette - In the new "solo" mode of Orbz 2.0, the player completes a series of progressively difficult challenges that focus on scoring the most points in different scenarios. Bronze, Silver, and Gold medals are awarded for scoring performance and high scores for each challenge are tracked world-wide against all other Orbz players. For every 5 gold medals achieved, the player will also unlock a fancy new Orb to use in Solo or Online mode. Finally, there is a tutorial that will teach the player basics controls and scoring strategies of the game.

Under development for the Mac, PC and Linux, Orbz 2 will be $19.95 when released simultaneously for all platforms later this week, and already has a demo out for those who are unsure of how the game will play. Check out the rest of the interview at the link below, and if this game piques your interest, head on over to MacGameFiles to download the demo.

HomeLAN Orbz 2.0 Q&A
Orbz 2.0 Demo, 12mb
21-6 Productions
Garage Games

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