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Tuesday, April 22, 2003
Black Shades Coming to OS X
9:06 AM | Alvaro Radigales | Comment on this story

Black Shades, the bodyguard simulator with which developer David Rosen entered the uDevGame 2002 contest, is being ported to MacOSX by Derek S. Arndt and is expected to be released in the coming week.

While intended to be a carbon title, Black Shades was released for OS 9 only due to the tight deadline imposed by the contest at iDevGames.

In Black Shades, the only first-person shooter to enter uDevGame 2002, the player takes the role of a bodyguard with psychic powers who has to protect a VIP from various assailants in a randomly-generated virtual city.

Though a bit rough-looking due to the low model detail and the overall lack of textures, the game boasts skeletal animation with inverse kinematics, allowing the player models to react accurately to melee blows or gunfire. Also, Black Shades was awarded the uDevGame prize for best sound effects and music, along with Holmes Futrell's arcade jet fighter game Raptor.

For more information on Black Shades check IMG writer Galen Wiley's comments in the Inside Mac Games uDevGame feature, available through the link below.

The OS 9 version of Black Shades is available for download at Macgamefiles, and stay tuned for more word on the carbonized port.

IMG writer Galen Wiley comments on Black Shades
Download Black Shades from Macgamefiles

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