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Monday, April 21, 2003

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Combat Mission: Barbarossa to Berlin Beta Patch
1:50 PM | Alvaro Radigales | Comment on this story, veteran wargame developers and publishers for the Mac platform, recently updated the public beta patch for Combat Mission: Barbarossa to Berlin, their award-winning 3D-based tactical simulation set in the infamous Eastern Front.

Combat Mission: Barbarossa to Berlin is an extremely accurate WWII tactical simulation based on a detailed 3D engine and a revolutionary turn system. Its beautifully rendered graphics and thoroughly-researched historical data are favoured by many wargamers worldwide.

The new build addresses a few AI and feedback issues, as well as several small inaccuracies found by their strict historical research specialists, a team of notable authorities on WWII equipment and history helped by active and retired military personnel.

Here are some of the fixes included in the 1.03c public beta patch:

  • Ordnance aims better at soft targets just behind the crest of a ridge (i.e. on a reverse slope).
  • Simulate tendency of uncapped AP ammo to shatter on high-hardness Russian armor (plates of 60mm or less, generally). This reduces, for
    example, the ability of the German 37mm gun to penetrate the T-34.
  • TacAI is smarter about having a tank prioritize facing its front armor toward an enemy before opening fire on that enemy, if getting the front armor oriented is more helpful than shooting.
  • Chance of permanent immobilization after bogging is slightly lowered.
  • Very slight reduction to tungsten penetration values, and a slight increase in the TacAI willingness to use tungsten even if the weapon has a large amount of AP on hand.
Though still in beta status, the build is extremely stable and the final patch is expected to be released soon.

The patch is available for download in the's Combat Mission forums together with a complete list of the issues fixed.

CMBB 103c beta download and fix list
Combat Mission: Barbarossa to Berlin

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Archives  News  Combat Mission: Barbarossa to Berlin Beta Patch