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Monday, April 14, 2003
Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Q&A
8:50 AM | Scott Turner | Comment on this story

Many dedicated Return to Castle Wolfenstein fans were disheartened when they learned that the highly anticipated sequel to this game, RTCW: Enemy Territory had, for the single-player campaign, been canceled by Activision and id Software. The game had apparently not shaped up to their single-player expectations, and was going to be released as a multiplayer only add-on. The good news out of all of this? It was going to be a free download for all RTCW owners. Both Activision and id have pulled out of the development, and the UK company Splash Damage is now completing this multiplayer addition.

In an interview with Computer and Video Games, Paul Wedgewood, lead designer on RTCW: ET and overall managing director of Splash Damage gave them the low-down on how, despite what you may have heard, this is going to be quite an impressive addition to and revamp of RTCW, and is sure to please multiplayer fans of all types.

Here's a brief clip:

How does the player "army ranking" system operate in conjunction with skill and Special Ability improvement?

Wedgwood: Ranks in Enemy Territory range from Private to Colonel, plus their Axis counterparts. These are displayed on your helmet for everyone to see, so there is a certain amount of status attached to them - not least because they are a warning to the enemy of your current skill level and experience points.

As you level up in Enemy Territory, you will be promoted based on your highest skill level. For example, level 2 in any skill results in a promotion to Private 1st Class.

The best player in each class is also awarded a medal at the end of each mission. These include Distinguished Service Medals, Steel Stars, Silver Crosses and Bombardment Medals. There are seven you can collect throughout a campaign.

It will be interesting to see if a player is ever able to max out every skill, get every reward, achieve the highest rank and get one of each medal in a single campaign. We'd be very impressed if anyone managed that.

While there has been no word on the port of RTCW: ET from Aspyr, the original porter of RTCW to the Mac, or any other porting house, fans remain hopeful, since the game still utilizes the same game engine as RTCW. Unfortunately, since this is a free add-on, chances are slightly diminished that a porting house will pay to develop this title for the Mac.

Make sure to check back with IMG as this story develops, and head on over to Computer and Video Game to see the full interview. If you haven't already checked it out, go download the RTCW demo from Mac Game Files, or swing by the IMG store and pick up a copy of RTCW.

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