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Friday, April 11, 2003

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The Third Reich UT mod: V1.2 update
11:10 AM | Mike Apps | Comment on this story

The webpage for The Third Reich, a total conversion for Unreal Tournament, was recently updated with news on the upcoming 1.2 patch. For those unfamiliar with The Third Reich, it turns UT into a realistic World War II-themed game, with class-based team gameplay. The mod features some impressive models and textures that push the UT engine to its limits.

The 1.2 patch will include a slew of new features, including:

New Things:
* Brand new player models and skins for all classes.
* A completely redone scoreboard that displays everything from the number of TK's a player has to which class they are playing as.
* New weapon skins for the M1918A2 BAR and Thompson M1A1.
* An improved locational damage system that rewards well-placed shots to the chest and head.
* In-game menu systems used to select team and class now have a new graphical scheme, historical class information and pictures.
* Speech/Bot command menu is redone and similar to the UT2003 one.
* Voices are now heard as "real-world" sounds.
* Weapon firing and explosion sounds now have realistic distance effects applied to them so as to be heard by players from far away.
* Two new maps.
* Note: These menu images are previews. Renders will be replaced with will newer ones to show the new models and skins. They will also be made transparent.
For more information on the Third Reich, or to check out some more screenshots of the coming update, follow the link provided below.

The Third Reich
Epic Games
Westlake Interactive
Unreal Tournament

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Archives  News  The Third Reich UT mod: V1.2 update