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Thursday, April 10, 2003

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Game's Domain Previews Republic
8:51 AM | Scott Turner | Comment on this story

Reporting on a recent press showing of the 3D political strategy game Republic: The Revolution, the Game Domain has put together an overview of the event that focuses mainly on the creator, Demis Hassabis, and the basic mechanics of the game. From the report so far, Republic certainly seems impressive, with an incredible array of choices allowing for completely non-linear gameplay.

For those who have never heard of Republic, the basic premise is that you are in command of a political faction in a small former soviet state. Your overall game-arching goal is to end up in control of the presidency of the country. The part that makes this game so impressive is that you can achieve this by any means neccesary; through force, political influence, or just flat out bribing. Hiring thugs, holding political rallies, and even handing out political pamphlets is all in a day's work in this game.

Here's a clip from the Game Domain preview:

Particular characters respond to different ideologies, and the same applies to the population. Working class areas are largely force-oriented, middle class influence, and upper class areas unsurprisingly think only in terms of cold, hard, cash. "Depending on which way you want to go, you'll need to appeal to that class of citizen." Your own faction's ideology starts off oriented somewhere on a sliding scale between them, but as you continue to exert influence in terms of your actions in the world, that ideology can shift to determine your endgame. "Every action you do in the game contributes in a small way to your ideology," he continued. "If you start off very money oriented, by doing a lot of force actions: military and criminal actions, your faction will start becoming a force faction, and will start appealing to force characters."
Despite not being mentioned on the Game Domain's website, the Mac version of Republic has been assured, and is currently being ported to the Mac by Feral Interactive. While no definite date has been pinned down for its release, the current rough estimate is late 2003. Keep checking in with IMG as this story progresses, and click on the link below for the rest of the Game Domain's look at this unique title.

Game Domain Preview of Republic: The Revolution
Republic: The Revolution
Feral Interactive
Buy Republic: The Revolution

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